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Are you looking for the guy who taught "Bluegrass Banjo Level One" on The Learning Channel in the 80's?


Are you looking for that homespun tablature acclaimed to be easiest to read?


Are you seeking to lift your banjo picking to a new level?


Good news! You have found it all, and more ....




Edward Wing has played and taught banjo for more than 30 years. Generations of students owe him an immense debt of gratitude for his skill, good humor, and patience.


Edward Wing answers questions:


What is it that makes a banjo teacher?

First above all, the love of the instrument and the desire to share. My joy is to see everyone who ever wished he/she could play banjo to have the opportunity to succeed.

What are the requirements for a student's success? Understand that playing the banjo is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION.

Five factors are:

  • Vision:  Picture yourself playing banjo and believe it!
  • Method:  Find the best path to follow, the course which will lead you step by step to your vision.

  • Tools:  Get a good instrument to start, and plan to upgrade.

  • Time:  Be ready and willing to invest "sweat equity" in your vision.

  • Motive:  Nourish yourself on the joy of making music happen.

How did you come to be a teacher and player?

Well, you've just asked for the story of my life. Too long for this page, but here's a bio summary:

Born in Jacksonville, Florida.

Began playing guitar at age 14.

Educated at Georgia Tech.

Played 12 years in Gatlinburg, Tennessee as a member of the folk show group "The Town Criers".

Founding member of Pick'n'Grin Music in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Produced TV series "Bluegrass Banjo Level One" which ran from 1982-1987 on The Learning Channel.

Produced eight books on banjo instruction. Has been a teacher of guitar and bluegrass banjo for 30 years with studios at Pick'n'Grin in Knoxville.

In 2003 began production of "The Banjo Experience", a 35-lesson PowerPoint instruction course.

What's for the future, Mr. Wing? Sharing my journey as a professional student of banjo on this web site.  Stay tuned: much more to come!


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